How It Works

Income Opportunity

Welcome to Profit Yard, your path towards a glorious future where you control your own destiny; Profit Yard helps you build a profitable home based business.


Profit Yard is a US-based web hosting company that offers a unique network marketing program. Our services are available worldwide.

With two compensation plans: a classic or premium plan, Profit Yard is a unique powerfully rewarding, unlimited opportunity!


Profit Yard helps you by being your own boss and make money from the comfort of your living room. With Profit Yard, you are not just an entrepreneur, but a leader as well who aids people realize their dream the way he did; the dream of financial freedom.




In addition to this unique income opportunity we did not neglect to provide a precious product; We give you a professional web hosting service and excellent customer support.


The best compensation plan in the industry

Because we strongly believe that our success is incomplete without you, we have developed a system where every customer has a fair chance to make money.

The goal of our system is to help as many people as possible earn an additional source of income by inviting them to Profit Yard.


All brilliant ideas are simple!

We've made it very simple “Unilevel Plan, Pays 5 levels deep”

The unilevel plans are typically described as one of the safest for companies and customers as well, because maximum payouts can always be determined, allowing companies to clearly understand their maximum commission payouts on products or services. This not only makes our business model sustainable but also makes it fair in the sense that it doesn’t matter if you got in first or last, you have the same opportunity as everyone else.


Unilevel plans are also considered the easiest to understand by distributors, as there are fixed commission payouts on multiple levels; No Points, No right and left set plans, No fuss, No hour long lectures.


Your income is based on the number of people who purchase Profit Yard services from you and your downline. You are paid a monthly commission for each person who subscribes to the Profit Yard services through all 5 levels of your business.


Level 1 includes anyone you sign up directly using your affiliate link.

Level 2 is filled with the people who join Profit Yard from your Level 1 members.

Levels 3-5 follow the same pattern with ever growing numbers of people referred by the level above.

I.e. Level 1 includes your direct referrals and Levels 2-5 include your indirect referrals.



There are no width limitations to this plan (i.e. you can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on).

Your focus will be on signing up members in Layer 1, and helping them learn the techniques to sign up members underneath them. This can result in a large recurring income if you work consistently to sign up new members and assist them in growing their businesses.


The stronger your base, the faster and better your network will grow. Because the way you manage your direct referrals or level 1, it will dictate the growth of your network and the volume of indirect sales.




Profit Yard network is like a tree that keeps on growing with each new leaf and branch that follows.

You are the seed that lead by example for others to follow, and you are rewarded for all indirect referrals sales of that network you help initiate.


Upon choosing to join Profit Yard, you are given a choice between a classic or premium plan. Once choosing the appropriate plan, you are ready to make profit without any delay.





How to refer people to Profit Yard?

Once you join Profit Yard, you can refer friends and family to our website, using your own unique affiliate link, which is available for every registered member even those who are still in their free trial period.


Your affiliate link will be in the following format:

For example, if your username is "mark", then your affiliate link would


If someone clicks on this link, he is directed to our website. If he subsequently signs up at Profit Yard, he will be tracked as referred by you and you will start receiving your monthly commissions.


You can also use our "Invite Friends" section to send your friends an automated invitation to join Profit Yard through your referral link. Please note that you must know the people you are inviting SPAM will not be tolerated.


How much money can you make with Profit Yard?

The possibilities are endless for what you can attain with Profit Yard compensation plans. By participating in our program you will have access to a tool that can make your dreams a reality where you can make unlimited monthly profits depending on the volume of your direct and indirect referrals.

You'll increase your own income, just by giving other people an opportunity to reach their financial well-being.

You are not limited by width. You can refer as many people as you want to, and so can those people that you refer, and so on.


Are you ready to get really excited?

To understand the power of our unilevel plan, here’s an amazing example for your estimated profits if you just referred 3 people to Profit Yard.


This is just an example for calculating the potential income assuming that each person who joins ProfitYard introduces only 3 people.




Imagine! You've chosen the Premium Plan and invited just 3 people to Profit Yard (Premium Membership costs $32.50 /month).


And let’s assume that one of them chose the premium plan, while the other two members chose the classic plan, which means that you have 3 direct referrals on your first level (1 premium and 2 classic).

That pays you $20 per month (1x $10 + 2x $5).


And assume that each of those 3 people then refers 3 of their own as well, and also assume that one of them chose the premium plan, while the other two members preferred the classic plan, which means that you have 9 indirect referrals on you second level (3 premium and 6 classic).

So you’re now getting paid an additional $27 per month on your second level (3x $5 + 6x $2).


Each of those 9 can refer as many as they want, but for consistency we’ll say that they too refer 3 each.

If the trend continues, you’ll have 27 indirect referrals on your third level (9 premium and 18 classic), 81 indirect referrals on your 4th level (27 premium and 54 classic), and 243 indirect referrals on your 5th level (81 premium and 162 classic).


Let’s calculate your total monthly income, now you have a total of 3 direct referrals on your first level (1 premium and 2 classic) and 360 indirect referrals on levels 2 to 5 (120 premium and 240 classic).


Your monthly income = 1x ($10) + 2x ($5) + 120x ($5) + 240x ($2) = $1,100 /month


That’s a total of $1,100 monthly commissions for referring just 3 people, and then teaching those people how to do the same and assisting them in growing their own organizations.



If you've chosen the Classic Plan and referred 3 people as mentioned in our example (Classic Membership costs $13.50 /month).


Your monthly income = 1x ($5) + 2x ($4) + 120x ($2.5) + 240x ($2) = $793 /month


This is the power of duplication of effort through the multiple layers of your business.



Are you ready for more excitement?

Here’s another striking example:

Now let's see how much money you can make if you referred 5 poeple to Profit Yard.



Now Imagine! You've chosen the Premium Plan and invited 5 people to Profit Yard.


And assume that two of them chose the premium plan, while the other three members chose the classic plan.

If each of those 5 people then refers 5 of their own as well, and if the trend continues till your 5th level, you’ll have 5 direct referrals (2 premium and 3 classic) and 3900 indirect referrals (1560 premium and 2340 classic).


Your monthly income = 2x ($10) + 3x ($5) + 1560x ($5) + 2340x ($2) = $12,515 /month


And if you've chosen the Classic Plan and referred 5 people as mentioned in the previous example,

Your monthly income = 1x ($5) + 2x ($4) + 120x ($2.5) + 240x ($2) = $8,602 /month.



Now do you see the power of this commission plan? The beautiful thing about this is that you'll keep getting this amount of money every month over and over again; Your monthly commissions will continue every month as a referred customer’s subscription remains active; Every time any of your referrals pays his membership monthly fees, your monthly commission will be automatically credited to your balance instantly after your referral’s payment.


Mind you that in the last example you invited only five people but you can invite as many people as you want and every day you’ll get more and more money added to your account and there is no stopping process.


Interested? Sign up now for Profit Yard, you will automatically be granted a week-long free trial and when you get more enthusiastic become an active member and pay the membership subscription.

If you’re not interested, then just do nothing and your free trial will end, your account will simply be cancelled.


We offer a week-long free trial of our service, no strings attached.

There is no better time than now to build your network marketing business. Despite recent economic events the network marketing industry continues to prove itself as an attractive home based business and dominant worldwide trend. If you're looking for a perfect online business opportunity, Profit Yard is the best choice.    

Profit Yard puts an unbelievable level of freedom into your hands. You are invited to come and be a part of its world. So now is the time to get in and start building your business.




Product overview

In addition to the profit plan, you’ll get a professional web hosting service, unlimited email accounts, 99.9% uptime guarantee, free website templates plus a website builder that will allow you to easily build your professional website.





How to pay your membership monthly fees?

Payments are securely processed through NETELLER, Payza and Perfect Money.

You may also use your account balance to pay your membership monthly fees.

Other payment options will be added soon.


How to cash your commissions?

Every time any of your referrals pays his membership monthly fees, your commission will be automatically credited to your balance. Once you get credited you can request the withdrawal of your earnings. You will usually receive your payment within 48 hours of the date we received your claim. All payments are made ​​within a maximum of seven days.

We currently offer commissions payments by NETELLER, Payza or Perfect Money and more payment processors will be added soon. Minimum balance to Cashout is only $2 for all members.


You can also send amount of your balance to any of your referrals or other members using Profit Yard money transfer system. It is a free, simple and secure way that allows instant transfer of money between members using their account balance.




Get your account right now and tell your friends about Profit Yard and just watch the amount of money in your account grows!



For more information about our program, please refer to our FAQs.